Heart of Downtown Portland Oregon

Mile Post Sign at The famous Pioneer Courthouse, Downtown Portland, Oregon
I wonder what the story is here?

Love the blend of old and new Architecture.

Downtown Portland Oregon is similar to downtown Boston Massachusetts. Both are vibrant cities with great public transportation, greenways and parks, shopping, eateries, culture, history, and a blend of new and old architecture. Portland does have Boston beat in the fact that it rarely snows which is nice. I’m a hardy New Englander but I’m growing weary of the frigid cold snowy winters.

It’s a glorious Spring morning on a Saturday in mid April as I drive to check out downtown Portland. It’s been 13 years since I’ve explored downtown so I’m looking forward to it. I find parking at the Fox Towers garage on SW Taylor Street near Pioneer Courthouse Square. It’s $8.50 for the day which is decent considering I’m downtown. I take a picture of the parking spot/level and take another picture when I walk out to the street. Since there is always a few entrances I find this to be the safest way to find my car.

I always think of the Seinfeld episode when they come out of the mall and can’t find their car in the garage. I’ve done that before and it was not fun. I make note of where I am and using my iPhone GPS I walk the few blocks to Pioneer Courthouse Square.

It has character. It reminds me of an amphitheater with its semi-circle of red color brick and steps which people sit on. As I look closely there are hundred’s of names on the bricks. I strike up a conversation with a friendly woman who tells me the bricks were sold to raise money for the construction and the names of donors are inscribed on the bricks. What a nifty fundraising idea.

As I’m looking, I almost collide with another person as we are both intently reading the names. Enough of that, I take a close up picture and I’m on my way. As I walk I see the famous Mile Post Sign and snap a few pictures. I remember this sign!

I continue on, walking with no particular direction admiring the architecture. I see a bright red double-decker bus with rounded bumpers which reminds me of the double-decker buses in London England. It seems as though I’ve been walking for hours taking in the sights.

It’s Not London but Portland

Downtown Portland has a great set up with small city blocks which gives it an intimate feel. The city planners did a great job. After many hours of walking my feet and my stomach are telling me it’s time to rest and feed my weary body. I find Paris in the heart of Portland. I must take a picture and send it to my sister who lives in Paris France.

I sit at the bar and order braised short ribs and a raspberry lemon drop martini. Delicious on both counts. My mind and body are content. What a great way to spend a day in the city. As I walk back to the car I have a sense of contentment. I see the bronze sculptures of a doe and her fawn and it brings a smile to my face. I’m so glad that I took the opportunity to explore this little bit of heaven.

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