Portland Japanese Garden

Wildwood Trail Washington Park Portland Oregon

Wildwood Trail in Washington Park Portland, Oregon

Portland Japanese Garden Strolling Pond Garden

Heavenly falls flows into the pond at the Strolling Pond Garden

Before heading to the Oregon coast, I decide to revisit the Portland Japanese Garden. The last time I was there was 2002, it will be nice to see it again.  It’s a beautiful sunny warm Saturday, in mid April, as I venture out from the tiny home. I find parking in Washington Park and take the Wildwood trail, a meandering dirt trail through the hardwood forest to the Japanese Gardens. Even though it’s early, the crowds have gathered. If I knew I would have paid online by Prepaying tickets but since that wasn’t the case I paid at the entrance. The lines aren’t too long and I wait less than 10 minutes.

As I walk, taking in the views, I admire the foliage of pinks, reds, golds and greens. It’s interesting to hear people speak in whispers in gardens as though they are in a library.  It’s wonderful to hear the sounds of nature, softly pedaling her wares.  My favorite garden is the Strolling Pond Garden. It’s the largest encompassing upper and lower ponds connected by a stream. A wooden foot bridge crosses the stream allowing people to reflect the beauty around them. These tranquil gardens are beautifully landscaped with water features. I’m in awe of the master horticulturists who painstakingly create and maintain these magical gardens: It’s a living work of art.

The sculptures of the herons are lifelike as they search for food on the pond embankment. The moss laden trees and rocks create a sense of being in a rain forest. To be lost in the quiet countryside among the city is heaven.

Bronze Heron Sculptures

Bronze Heron Sculptures: Strolling Pond Garden


Japanese Garden

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