Tiny Home on Wheels near Glacier National Park

My tiny home on wheels which I rent out. View from the sleeping loft

October of 2015, I pack up my car, ship out my horses, and drive to Whitefish, Montana to start a new chapter of my life. All is good until the fateful day of December 10, 2015, when my horse Moonie is entangled on a metal wire fence at the horse boarding facility and requires $2500 in medical expenses and 4 months of stall rest. I need to find a new home for my girls, quickly. I find a horse boarding facility in Kalispell, close to Whitefish which is perfect. My horses now have a safe, home at a reasonable price.  The owner, a builder, has an interest in tiny homes, a passion we both share. We decide to partner and design and build tiny homes on wheels for investment and for sale. Since we are 40 minutes west of Glacier National Park we feel it will be a great investment opportunity.

In 2016, the year I call Blood, Sweat, and Tears, I design and help build “The Linden Retreat” named after my surname Hars which means Linden Tree. Due to timing issues, however, we decide not to go into business together. It is an eye-opening experience, to say the least.

After coming back from a 5-week road trip in September of 2016,  I end up living in the tiny home on wheels for a full year to understand what tiny living and working are all about. I’m happy to say that it was truly an amazing experience one which I will never forget. I’ve lived in 13,000 sf homes but I truly enjoyed my tiny home adventure. The summer of 2017, I rent it out on Airbnb while I’m away on my road trip adventures. I want people to understand and experience tiny home living.

I’ve had many wonderful experiences with my guests and I’ve obtained the title of SuperHost. Last year I had to come back to New England to be near my sister who has Stage 3 breast cancer. Even though I’m 2800 miles away, I’ve still been able to keep up SuperHost Status. As a host, it’s imperative to give 110%. I tell my guests that if they have any questions or concerns that I’m just a phone call away. The manager of the horse boarding facility lives on the property and is helping me.

I’ve had only one bad experience with a guest who left the water running for 3 hours and I’m trying to resolve it through Airbnb resolution center. My only complaint with Airbnb is how they handle resolutions-apparently they do not have a great record of resolving issues, as I’m finding out. All in all, I do enjoy opening my tiny home to people who want to experience tiny home on wheels living in a beautiful setting overlooking the horses and mountains. Life is Good.

If you would like to stay at my tiny home on wheels, please click on the link which will direct you to my tiny home on wheels. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I have.

My tiny home on wheels

Tiny Home on Wheels winter views of the mountains.

Winter view of the Swan and Glacier National Park from the property

horses in Montana

My girls in the lead being chased by the boys

Spring in Montana Swan Mountain Range

Spring in Montana views of the Swan Mountain Range from the property.

Tiny home on wheels

My tiny home on wheels

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