San Clemente CA: 6 month solo road trip

After leaving Redondo Beach we head south towards San Diego to the town of San Clemente which is between Los Angeles and San Diego. At the last-minute I find accommodations on Airbnb and find a private suite in San Clemente. It has instant book which is awesome. The owners are out-of-town but the directions are self-explanatory and we find the property quiet easily.

The owners converted the guest wing of their home into a private bungalow with roof top deck. It’s attached yet separate from the main house so it feels as though it’s a stand alone cottage. It has a beach-feel with a wooden ceiling, light blue painted walls, white trim and a purple carpet. The decor is simple with a queen size bed with a white duvet, a small wooden table with two chairs overlooking the yard, two night stands, a small kitchenette with a mini fridge, toaster microwave and a coffee maker. There is also small bathroom with corner shower, vanity and toilet. It’s perfect for our needs.



We arrive close to sunset. M brings his guitar and we sit on the roof top deck watching the sunset. He plays the guitar and sings a silly little ditty which he made up. We laugh. He’s funny. He reminds me of a cowboy singing around a campfire. He likes to reminisce about his glory days as a stuntman. I listen even though I heard the story before. He has had an interesting life.

San Clemente Pier

San Clemente Pier

The next day we check out of the Airbnb property and drive to the San Clemente Pier. We park at the Parque Del Mar and walk to the beach. Active rail road tracks run parallel to the beach. It seems many California City beaches have train tracks in close proximity. Amtrak and commuter trains use the tracks which is great for commuting without a car. However, the last thing I want to hear and see when I’m enjoying the beach is the sound and sight of a train traveling down the tracks.

We walk south along the beach and play frisbee working up a sweat and an appetite. As we are walking back to the pier M sees a few guys playing frisbee and can’t resist jumping in. The frisbee is coming towards him and he runs and catches it and throws it back, playing with them for a few minutes. I watch. He reminds me over zealous child. I laugh at the thought.

We have lunch at The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar which is on the Pier. It has open deck seating and indoor seating. Since it’s a beautiful sunny day we opt to have lunch on the deck overlooking the beach and ocean. There are many tables with blue umbrellas and plastic white chairs. We sit at the edge of the deck and admire the views. For lunch I have the hamburger and a frozen strawberry daiquiri,and he has the fish and chips. The food it good and the daiquiri hits the spot. The waiter is attentive even though it’s fairly crowded. For dessert we share the enormous mud pie which is delicious. I’m content and full. Its time for another walk on the beach.








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Residential Designer by Trade who also blogs about various topics. Just came back from a 6 month solo road trip which took me through 30 states and two international countries. Seeing the USA by road is amazing. It's so diverse in natural beauty and climate. Traveling solo allows me the freedom to go where and where I want without compromise. It's a sense of accomplishment to be able to travel in the company of none.

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