Redondo Beach: 6 Month Solo Road Trip

I’m apparently a compassionate person because I could have said hello, nice meeting you, have a nice life, hope it all works out for you, and goodbye to M, but I didn’t. Instead I let him stay with me for two weeks in the Redondo Beach area. I feel guilty that I would be staying at nice places while he would be living in his Van, at Von’s parking lot. I do like him but he drives me nuts. Being thrown together with anyone, especially strangers 24/7 is extremely stressful. We went from online pen pals to living together. Now that would be a great Reality Show. What should we call it?

For the next few weeks we do fun things together. I book a horseback riding for us in Palos Verdes with an outfit called Wagon Wheel Ranch.  Pat the owner is a real old cowboy. The horses are in good condition and are well-mannered. We ride up into the hills on a beautiful sunny morning. I can hear the Peacocks conversing in the distance. I love riding and seeing the country that I normally wouldn’t see in a car. It’s a great ride. At the end of the trail-ride. I tell Pat that I’m on a 6 month solo road trip and he asks if he can put a license plate holder with his ranch information on my car. I tell him yes. We say goodbye to Pat and thank him.

horseback riding in Palos Verdes, CA

M and I on a trail ride in Palos Verdes, CA

We drive back to Redondo beach where I book another Airbnb cottage for a few nights. It’s an adorable bungalow which has been tastefully renovated a few blocks from the ocean. I love staying at unique properties that’s why I choose Airbnb. The hosts Omar and Kristina have done a wonderful job with the property. As a designer I love the colors, architecture and the furnishings. Even though we never meet them they are attentive to our needs by text. I would highly recommend staying there.

After unpacking and freshening up we walk to Redondo Beach Pier which is only a few blocks from the cottage. It’s known for fishing as one can see the many fisherman casting their lines into the waves below. We hang out at the Pier checking out various shops and enjoying the view.

Redondo Beach Pier

At Redondo Beach Pier

We have a late lunch at Old Tony’s  on the pier. It’s the two-story glass shaped octagon building which rises out of the Pier. It has that old style feel as though it’s still the 1950’s. There are many celebrities pictures on the walls. We are able to have a window seat with views of the water. I have the steak sandwich with onion rings and he has the Maryland style crab cakes.  

Tony’s is known for their seafood and we’re at a fisherman’s pier, but I’m not a fan of seafood. My motto; I see food but I don’t eat it. We’re here because this is M’s territory and he wants to show me his town. The food is good and the waitress is attentive. It’s nice to just sit back and enjoy good food, conversation and views.


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Residential Designer by Trade who also blogs about various topics. Just came back from a 6 month solo road trip which took me through 30 states and two international countries. Seeing the USA by road is amazing. It's so diverse in natural beauty and climate. Traveling solo allows me the freedom to go where and where I want without compromise. It's a sense of accomplishment to be able to travel in the company of none.

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