6 Month Solo Road Trip: Bend, Oregon

Drake Park on picturesque Mirror Pond, Bend Oregon

Drake Park on picturesque Mirror Pond, Bend, Oregon


March 4-7: In The Company of None: Joys of Traveling Solo

Now that I’m the nomadic wanderer, searching for a reason to stay I’m checking out Bend, Oregon. I research it and the sun and fun seems plausible. Bend is the Gateway City to outdoor recreation. Located east of the Cascade Mountain Range in Central Oregon on the Deschutes River, it’s where the Ponderosa forest meets the high desert. Not sure if the high desert atmosphere is to my liking, but spending a week here will give me a clue. I guess I’m looking for my hometown of Groton, Massachusetts, but on the West coast.

I’ve only had two massages on my travels, and my body is in need of one, so I book a deep tissue massage and facial at Anjou Spa. It’s an upscale organic spa. I must admit I splurge and spend over $300 on various Eminence Organic skin care. I figured it will last 6 months so in reality that’s only $50 per month which is only $1.67/day so in reality that’s not much at all. See how easy it is to get off the guilt trip? It’s also organic and good for my skin and best of all Eminence is Hungarian which I’m half Hungarian so that makes it all the better.

I then splurge on a cut and color at the Lemon Drop Salon. I haven’t had a haircut since October so my long brown hair needs shape. Yes, I spent more than I wanted, but it’s nice to just take care of one’s body and let someone else do the work.

Mirror Lake, Bend, Oregon

A dusting of snow

After my relaxing day I explore downtown Bend and check out a few shops. There’s a cute boutique selling western vintage called Cowgirl Cash. The name draws me in and I buy a box of matches with their name on it and a silver plated belt buckle engraved with a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. It’s for a new guy that I’ve been conversing with on OkCupid for a few months. He’s an ex rodeo cowboy and I’m driving to Redondo Beach California to visit in a few weeks. That will be interesting since he’s a small time actor/stuntman.

Bend is a cool little city filled with interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. As I walk down the street I spot a park and follow a path along the picturesque Mirror Pond in Drake Park. Beautiful Weeping Willows hug the shore while residential older homes with nice architectural features grace the other side. A few inches of snow still lie in the cool shadows. In the distance the Three Sisters Mountains show off their white dresses. An idyllic setting to enjoy. A perfect day to spend in Bend.

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Residential Designer by Trade who also blogs about various topics. Just came back from a 6 month solo road trip which took me through 30 states and two international countries. Seeing the USA by road is amazing. It's so diverse in natural beauty and climate. Traveling solo allows me the freedom to go where and where I want without compromise. It's a sense of accomplishment to be able to travel in the company of none.

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